Welcome to Hardingham Farms

Hardingham Farms has been owned and managed by the Edwards family since 1826. Hardingham Farms manages in excess of 1,200 hectares of farmland for a number of landowners in central Norfolk.

1,000 sow breeding units
20MWp generated per year
8.8 miles of permissive access

About Hardingham Farms

Our vision is to manage our farmland in harmony with the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy – balancing environmental, social and economic needs, so that it can be enjoyed and can flourish both now and in the future.
Food & Farming
Hardingham Farms maintains a variety of crops and livestock.
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Renewable Energy
20MWp of renewable energy is produced by the site every year.
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Cottages to Rent
3 or 4 bedroom cottages are often available to rent on the farm.
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Permissive Access
Hardingham Farms offers 8.8 miles of permissive access across the farm.
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Contact us

To contact our team, please either use our contact form or email us directly at office@hardinghamfarms.co.uk.