Permissive Access

Permissive Access across the Hardingham estate

Over the last 20 years some farmers have offered and been paid for providing permissive access over their land under previous Stewardship Schemes. This payment has helped cover mowing the grass in summer, paying for public liability insurance and other costs. Sadly new Stewardship Schemes no longer pay farmers for providing permissive access.  Many farmers have therefore stopped providing access and have ploughed up their grass margins whilst others have sought payments from their Parish Councils to continue offering access.

Hardingham Farms has provided 8.8 miles of permissive access over the last 20 years, and legally this came to an end on 31 December 2019. However Hardingham Farms has decided to maintain all current access without seeking payment from Parish Councils as our gift to the Community, on the strict understanding that all dogs are kept on leads and access is taken only during daylight hours. Most of the permissive access passes small woods and we do not wish for the wildlife to be disturbed.

The decision taken by Hardingham Farms to provide permissive access will be reviewed regularly, and could be revised at any time.

A plan showing permissive and statutory access

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