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Food and farming at Hardingham

Our vision is to manage our farmland in harmony with the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy – balancing environmental, social and economic needs, so that it can be enjoyed and can flourish both now and in the future.

Hardingham Farms has been owned and managed by the Edwards family since 1826. Hardingham Farms manages in excess of 1,200 hectares of farmland for a number of landowners in central Norfolk. Our farming is mainly done in-house by our highly skilled farm team. We use state of the art machinery with GPS satellite systems to enable efficient, timely operations to be carried out using variable rate seed and nitrogen application to ensure we put the right amount in the right place for each field. We believe that soil is our most valuable resource and that we mismanage it at our peril.

The crops grown include a rotation of wheat, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet, potatoes, maize, beans and vining peas. We have a 75,000 cubic metre capacity reservoir and modern grain storage which has been TASCC registered with capacity for about 9,000 tonnes.

We have entered into a joint venture with a local pig farmer with 1,000 sow breeding unit on contract with BQP. We also have a horse livery yard which is let, together with 60m x 20m indoor school and 60m x 30m floodlit outdoor menege, and offer almost 15 miles of safe off road horse riding.

Hardingham Farms field
Hardingham Farms field

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